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What is IUL?

A life insurance policy provides financial protection for your family in the event of your death. You make a contract with the insurance company, which pays a certain amount of money to your family upon your death. Your policy may also include features that would allow you to access a portion of the death benefit if you experience a qualifying medical condition or illness.

Fixed Indexed Universal Life

Fixed indexed universal life (FIUL) provides a death benefit to the policyholder’s beneficiaries in exchange for periodic premium payments to the life insurance company. In addition to a death benefit, your policy may accumulate cash value which grows based on the performance of a market-driven index.1 You participate in a portion of the index gain, subject to certain limits, such as caps, spreads and participation rates. Policy guarantees offer protection to ensure you will never experience a loss in cash value due to index performance.

We design our products for people who seek death benefit protection, want the possibility of upside potential with no downside risk, and like the flexible options to borrow from the value of the contract.

Completion Risk ☑
By including FIUL as one of your retirement planning tools, if you die prematurely, the life insurance contract pays your loved ones the death benefit you chose, leaving them more financially secure.

Taxation ☑
With an FIUL, an amount loaned out of your life insurance policy is not treated as "paid out of the policy" and is therefore not included in taxable income, as long as your policy remains in force. E&P does not offer tax or legal advice. Consult a tax professional regarding your specific situation

Funding Amount ☑
With an FIUL, you have complete freedom to choose your death benefit and the associated premium amount to build the cash value you desire on a tax-advantaged basis.

Market Risk ☑
With an FIUL, your cash value can be credited with an interest rate based on increases in a market index, with protection from market index decreases.

What protection do you need?

Protect the lifestyle of your children, spouse or dependents in case of death
Accumulate funds for education or retirement
Gain flexibility to fund unexpected events, like critical illness or nursing home care
Life insurance is a long-term contract with an insurance company that provides a death benefit. In return, periodic premiums are paid to the insurance company. It can also be used as a means of income by the cash value feature of some types of policies.

The life insurance policy’s death benefit can fund dependents’ needs for a long time. When buying life insurance, you need to decide how much you need, how long you need it and what you can afford to pay.

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