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About Escalona & Partners

We aim to empower agents to change people lives

Escalona & Partners is a bilingual insurance agency based in Central Florida that's committed to helping our clients with their needs. We work hard and will always do what we can for you!

A business that offers insurance services with a personal touch is Escalona & Partners based out of the Orlando area. 

Our Design Process

We work to find ways for you and your company's needs. Our design process starts with understanding what it is that makes up the perfect customer, before moving on towards how we can best serve them in their time of need or want - whether this means providing an informative article about health insurance available online as well as answering any questions cross-referencing different providers against one another; 

We believe that recruiting new agents is one of the most important parts in providing outstanding service. We provide our clients with a design process to ensure success, starting from your business goals and requirements all the way down through an application form or website - every step will be tailored for you!


Gabriel Escalona is a natural born leader.

His leadership skills and dedication to his profession are beyond compare.

Gabriel was born and raised in Venezuela, where he has spent the majority of his life working in the insurance industry.

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Business Graphs

It is possible to get the
career you want.

Do you want to be the most successful  agent in your area? Escalona and Partners can help! The immersive program will provide a comprehensive learning protocol, tailored for each individual. We're here with everything that's needed . 


Let's work together

The only way to become a successful agent is by following the steps in Escalona & Partners' Learning protocol. we provide you with top-notch training that will help take your game up another notch!

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